Struggles Of McDonald’s

Fights and brawls are everywhere! That was the case in taverns during the old days, and McDonald’s did not escape from its long history of conflicts in the restaurant outlet. Be it the restaurant manager throwing the food blender on the customer or rampaging youths in the UK attacking the staff.

The food fiasco of McDonald’s fights is always witnessed to soon turn into a brawl, catching the attention of peacefully eating customers, chasing them away from the restaurant.

The company bears all the loses claimed by the customers and tries to improve in each and every aspect. The motto of the company is to get a positive, Mcdvoice survey as feedback from the customers and maintain a healthy relationship.

Struggles Of McDonald's


McDonald’s’ Struggles due to Customer Fights

The craziest of the McDonald’s fights witnessed to date is that seen in St. Petersburg, where a customer attacked a crew member for a piece of straw. Astonishing, isn’t it! The video of this fight went viral over the internet. So, if you are not much aware of this one of the many McDonald fights, then let me tell you it all happened for a mere straw.

The motto of “I’m loving it,” so did not apply with this customer, leading the middle-aged man to attack a female employee for not providing the straw. The attack led the female employee to reciprocate in defense, leading to a major brawl in the restaurant.

It seems that workers at McDonald’s get involved in fights, for merely abiding by the local laws! The city was reported to ban giving out unlimited straws in the lobby, which led the straws in the food outlet to finish fast. So, when Daniel Taylor, came for a straw and found none, he attacked the twenty years old female crew member, Yasmine James at the counter.

Instead of fighting with the customer support team, one can provide their feedback with the respective restaurant at McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey portal.

Struggles Of McDonald's

Is McDonald’s Safe with regards to Fights

So, don’t you think that McDonald’s is safe away from its chain of fights! McDonald’s fights do take place, be it between employees, or customers, or customer and employee as that which happened on New Year’s Eve at St. Petersburg, Florida. All in all, McDonald’s fights clearly shows that McDonald’s is a different place after dusk.

While controlling the McDonald’s is not easy because people behave as they wish. Sometimes customers play the game to get free food at McDonald’s food restaurant and leave the place. The other bully upon the service wanted to gain one more item at free of cost. Before getting into a fight, one has to know the terms and policies of McDonald’s.

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