McDonald’s Announced New Policies

Mcdonald’s policies: Mcdonald is one of the best companies in the world. In terms of selling food. Mcdonald’s has a significant impact on the food market, and due to this, McDonald’s has to improve its policies so that everyone can stay healthy. Mcdonald is the number one fast-food provider in the world, but sometimes they hear criticism as well. Due to this, Mcdonald has improved its policies from time to time to serve the public well. Recent plans by Mcdonald are as follows –

Antibiotic administration

A recent article by WHO states that antibiotic resistance is one of the most impactful threats to global health. So in their beef supply chain, Mcdonald is trying to limit the usage of antibiotics.

  • Mcdonald is doing this by partnering with too many suppliers, and they are trying to measure these effects and the percentage of medicines used.
  • So by the year, 2020, McDonald’s will have a basic idea of how to reduce the use and how to establish targets l in other to get successful.
  • Just by the year 2022, they will successfully start the reduction of the usage of antibiotics.

Sart the Survey.

Harassment policy

When it comes to harassment, we can not leave Mcdonald quickly last year Mcdonald heard criticism for not hearing customer harassment complaints. However, pressure rose to a point when they get five lawsuits of harassment to them. There were Twenty other lawsuits and charges as well. The total amount of trials in the last five years is around 50 by this point. However, Mcdonald replied by quitting their new policies as follows –

Mcdonald’s quoted that they have enhanced their policies s, that worked will have a more understandable way if seeing these policies. It clearly defines their worker’s rights, and they clearly explained what sexual harassment is.

Banning food

When it comes to service, McDonald’s is number one, but recently Mcdonald’s new policy denies service to homeless people. This policy means homeless people can not buy food from any of the McD outlets. Various cases came out recently, and people are furious. Everyone has a right to eat, whether they are homeless or not. Even after so many events when media asked Mcdonald about this policy, they said this is not a legal policy. No one knows if this policy is real or not, but employees at Mcdonald have denied services in some cases.

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